8th Annual BOM Squad Golf Tournament

Friday june 8th 2018 at dos lagos golf course

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Why we golf

When we at The BOM Squad think of golf we think of an opportunity to compete, build community, and have a blast.  It is not every day that we can combine all of these with both get out of work and support a fantastic cause.  We would like to present to you that fantastic opportunity at the 8th Annual BOM Squad golf tournament. We use the money we raise in this annual tournament to help underprivileged students in the inland empire have the opportunity to go to summer camp with us.  We know what you are thinking, "why is bringing kids to summer camp such a worthy cause?" We are so glad you asked! 

Summer camp provides us with the unique opportunity to take students away for a week.  That may sound insignificant, but let us assure you it is not.  Last summer we were able to take over 75 students with us to camp, many of them coming from broken and abusive pasts. Of those, over 25 were able to attend for the first time, and 20 made a decision to commit their life to living for Christ, and many more found healing and support. We have the opportunity to see life changing ministry happen all throughout the year and camp has been our primary avenue for reaching new students and connecting them to The BOM squad which serves them year round. Many of these students would not have had the opportunity to attend summer camp without your support and as a result, may not have found the revolutionary grace, love, and purpose that has turned their lives around. Your support in this golf tournament will help continue the rescue of young lives of in Montclair and truly make a positive impact in their world.  Thank you for choosing to join us in this mission to serve our community.  Your generosity is greatly appreciated!

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