The BOM Squad is the youth ministry of Bethany of Montclair. That is where we get the acronym B O M.  See what we did there!  If we could describe The BOM Squad in one word it would simply be this - FAMILY.  That word means different things to different people, but here is what it means to us. Family means unconditional love. Family means acceptance. Family means forgiveness. Family means security. So if you are a high school student looking for a place that you can be the real you and still be loved, accepted, and forgiven, we just want to say, "Welcome HOME".  We are so glad you are here.


What we are about

The BOM Squad is not just a collection of students sharing similar ideals.  We see ourselves as being a part of the movement of God in the city of Montclair and beyond. 


Wednesday Nights

6-8                                    .

Come experience The BOM Squad! We are a family and there is always room for one more! Wednesday nights are our family gatherings where we live life together. We strive to be a community of people who love people, who want what is best for them, and do not expect anything in return.  This is a time that you can come with all of your hurts, habits, and hang ups and be loved simply for being you.  Our goal is to be a place in your life that is safe, secure, and dependable so that you can have the space and the freedom to explore all God has for you.  

Sunday Mornings


Sunday mornings are a time designed for The BOM Squad to have discussions on a wide variety of topics.  This is a time specifically designed for you to come with any questions, comments, doubts, or fears, and ask the tough questions.  "Where is God in these moments?" "What does God say about this?" "If God is real, explain this..."  We believe the Bible is God's word to us and we will happily share His perspective with you. We welcome anyone and everyone to join us regardless of what you may believe.  This is a safe place and all questions are welcome.  

Giving back to our community

Jesus summed up our mission with two commands in Matthew 22:36-40. He said the two most important things we should do are to love God with everything we have in us and to love people like we love ourselves.  One way The BOM Squad tries to show our love for both God and people is by serving the people of our community who we find are in need. We are excited to be partnering with a fabulous Non Profit organization in the near future. Check back soon for our full schedule of our community service opportunities and consider joining us as we seek to love the city of Montclair together!